5 Benefits to Lighting Candles

We know candles are pretty and smell great, but did you know there are benefits to lighting candles on a daily basis?

Lighting a Wooden Wick Candle

Why do we love candles? Let's count the ways...

1. Calm and relax

Burning candles in your favorite spaces sets the mood for the day. The flickering flame and crackle of our signature wooden wick provides an instant calming effect. But that's not the best part! Just like color can change the mood of a room, so can scent. Aromatherapy is a thing! Some calming scents to help you relax are Rosemary, Lavender, and Rose (like the saying goes ~ stop and smell the roses). 

2. Bring on the Romance

Keep the flame alive with candles. Not only can you flip the romance switch instantly with a sexy scent, our crackling wooden wicks provide a mini fireplace on a coffee table for couch snuggles or bedside. I personally think our most romantic scent is Cashmere Plum. You also can't go wrong with Vanilla or a flirty Jasmine. 

3. Freshen up Your Decor

Whether at home or in the office, candles add style and grace to any room. Do you have a space that you'd love to showcase something unique? Each of our upcycled wine bottle luminaries are one of a kind as a set or on their own, you'll love how they look on a shelf, fireplace hearth, or side table.

4. Travel

Can't go anywhere because of the pandemic? Light a candle and transform yourself anywhere. My bestie and fellow chandler at Higo & Miel has an amazing Travel Collection. Try Mojitos in Cancun, Bar Hopping in Sevilla, and Shopaholics in Venice (I love this one because she named it after our girls' trips to Italy).

5. Revisit Great Memories

Just like a favorite song, scents can conjure amazing memories even years later. Try our Wine Notes Collection for custom curated scents inspired by notes and nuances of Merlot, Chardonnay, Rosé, and Champagne which will bring you back to memorable celebrations and people.

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  • Aww! Thank you so much for the www.higoandmiel.com mention, and what a great post this is! No matter the occasion, candles brighten your mood and any room ♥️


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