My Quarantine Candle

Quarantine makes us do amazing things.

"Make a candle," I said ... followed by, "it will be easy."

So I donned my mask and took a little Saturday trip to my local craft store where I bought some wax, a pack of wicks, a bottle of fragrance oil, and a glass jar ... and made the worst candle in the history of candlehood. I mean if there was an Island of Misfit Candles, my candle would have been its queen. Yup. It was that bad.

So what did I do? Throw it out? Curl up on the couch and watch Netflix? Uncork a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and drink my candle failure sorrows?

You betcha I did. But I'm not one to walk away from a challenge. If I couldn't get my hair done or shop or go bar hopping in the city, I was going to make a great candle, dammit.

So I let my fingers do the walking and YouTube'd the heck out of candle making where I found great information and quality vendors. Each day I got closer to the perfect candle. When I tell you it became a quest/passion/obsession, I'm not exaggerating. 

That's what candle making does to a newly single girl during a pandemic. It makes her candle-obsessed. That's one side of the Uncorked Candle story, the second half is my other obsession - wine.

More on wine later ... cheers!

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