We're getting around town!

My little pandemic project has not only grown into a thriving online business, we're also seen in the surrounding areas. Here are the amazing businesses where you can find Uncorked Candles (stay tuned for more to come!):


Unjumbold, Hoboken:

I just love this shop! This home + lifestyle store in Hoboken has everything you need for your home or gift needs. From beautiful bedding and housewares to soaps, scrubs, and CANDLES, it's a one-stop shop for everything beautiful. They also carry fantastic things for pets and babies. The retail space is beautifully designed too. The owners, John and Michael, are fantastic and put their heart and soul into Unjumbold. I also love how they focus on women, LGBTQ & black-owned companies and always highlight their vendors and products on social media.

You can find our 16 oz clear jar candles at Unjumbold in a variety of scents like Sea + Amber, Dark Rose + Labdanum, Rosemary + Sage, as well as our wine note scents, Merlot and Chardonnay. 


Porter Port Imperial, Weehawken:

Porter opened a few months ago and wow, it is a must-try for all foodies. Seriously, make a rezzie. I love the vibe here and the owners, Tara and Chris, are fantastic. You must try their pizza (my fave is the NY Style). I'm a huge fan of small plates because you can take a few bites of a selection of dishes. Some to try are the Oysters Casino, Proscuitto Frito, Charred Lettuces, Hanger Steak, and when they have it as a special the Short Ribs. Also, YOU CANNOT LEAVE WITHOUT A PINT OF THEIR ICE CREAM. Cracker Jack is the bomb. Trust me on this!

Porter offers an eclectic and extensive wine menu as well. I've discovered many great ones. I've partnered with them to upcycle their empty bottles into luminaries and filled candles which can be purchased at Porter Provisions, their attached bakery/cafe/carryout wine shop. Oh and those amazing scented candles burning in the restrooms? Yeah, they're from Uncorked Candle too - Rosemary + Sage, you can't go wrong.


Steven's Cafe, Weehawken:

Walking into Steven's is a delight. You immediately inhale the fresh brewed coffee followed by the scent of delicious pastries - tip: the pecan roll is to die for. Steve's is right across the street from me so I pop in for a chai tea latte on my afternoon dog walk with Coco. Steve's is also great for grab and go sandwiches, salads, yogurt parfaits, and fresh cut fruit.

We custom designed a Steven's Cafe Candle jar and label for the holidays and filled it with an assortment of scents like Cashmere Plum, Christmas Hearth, and Maple Apple.


The Morning Jolt Show on WDHA:

My custom scented Uncorked Candle has become an unofficial mascot of The Morning Jolt Show with Jim Monaghan and JoHo. Most mornings you can watch them light it on Facebook Live which is way cool, I gotta say.


Main Street Pops:

 I'm excited to announce Uncorked Candle is a 2020 VIP Vendor at Main Street Pops! I love this organization because their mission is to bring back the feeling of Main Street, USA by growing the local economy and building community, and where better to do it than in iconic Hoboken? We will be up front and center at the  Artisan Market located under the viaduct every third Sunday of the month beginning March 21st!

....and this is just the beginning for Uncorked Candle. Stay tuned there's much more to come. 

Love and gratitude,



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